June 24 2006

The Round Of 16 Begins

Well I was on the wrong channel and missed Germany’s two goals since they had them both in the first 12 minutes. Yikes! They knocked Sweden out.

The second game was supposed to be an easy victory for Argentina over Mexico. Mexico scored in the 6th minute, Argentina in the 10th minute and that was it in regulation time. They went in to a 1/2 over time with Argentina scoring in the 8th minute. Now, under the old rules this would have been a “Golden Goal” and ended the game, but under the new rules they had to play the full 1/2 hour. The players were dropping like flies with leg cramps as some of them had played the full 90 minutes already. Don’t let anyone ever tell you this isn’t a physical sport. When was the last time you saw an American football player fall over due to leg cramps?

Germany will now play Argentina on Friday in the rond of 8. Question is, will Argentina have recovered by then?

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