June 27 2006


Last Thursday there was a lightning strike somewhere very, very close to my house. The sonic boom knocked me off the couch (where I was sleeping) and moved my grandmother’s bed and knocked some pictures off her wall. During all this, it fried my Directv receiver with Tivo. Nooooo!

So I gave Directv a call to see about getting a new one. Turned out they would only charge me shipping to send me a new one and give me a label to ship the old one back. Total of $21.44! Sounded like a bargain, I gave them the go ahead, it got here on Monday. After I had it, I ran home, set it up…remote wasn’t working. Called and talked to them, got the old remote to work and they said just swap them out, no big deal.

Got home from work, went to set up some recording, it said it had to call in to get that part working. I made sure the phone cord was working, made sure it was hooked up, left it alone. By 9 PM I still couldn’t get it to record, so I called them for tech support. I worked with them off-and-on until after 2 AM!

I lost count of how many techs I talked to, how many times I told the story, how many times they asked me the same questions. But one tech will stick out in my mind for ages…Angel.

Angel needs to be taken out and smacked up the side of the head. He told me he felt the system needed a whole reset, ok, fine, I followed his directions. After I had pressed the buttons he goes “This may take up to 4 hours to finish, call us back when it’s done.” Now, wouldn’t you think that’s something that should be done overnight, when people are sleeping? Nope. I missed some of my shows due to this reset, but luckily it only took about 2 hours.

Every tech I talked to after that agreed I should have been warned prior to doing it, but oh well. The last tech I talked to was by far the nicest and was very understanding. She finally declared the unit defective and did the paperwork to send me another one right away. At the very end of the conversation, she surprised with a wonderful bit of news. She had also gone in to my account and knocked my subscription price down by $20 a month for 6 months. The main reason? Even after everything that had gone wrong, she could tell I was angry, but I didn’t yell at her or curse at her. Though, she said in my position, she would be.

See? It does pay to be nice…sometimes.

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