June 28 2006


Some of you may remember I made a snarky comment about Star Jones a while back. This was followed up by me having to defend myself as not being a racist the next day. I said how I hated her for being a self-obsessed diva and how she wouldn’t shut up about her wedding and sugeries and so on.

Imagine my joy at the news yesterday that Star Jones was leaving The View. It seems that she and Barbara Walters had reached an agreement as to when it would happen, how it would be announced and she would go out with grace. Instead, being the diva she is, she ambushed her co-hosts by announcing it two days early and going to the press with statements of how she had been fired. This caused Walters to spill her guts on the reasons being fans no longer trusted Star. You can find almost all this info here.

So after all this happened, she was told to not bothier coming in anymore and overnight they delted her from the opening credits and was pulled off the show’s website. Adios Star, sounds like you lived up to being a diva…AGAIN!

Oh, and for the record, this has nothing to do with her race.

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