(yes I posted this on August 1st, but I am back dating due to 1. my site kept going down 2. my cable service went out as soon as my site was back up = not my fault) Got the Western Digital 250gb external hard drive I talked about last week. It’s back to it’s… read more


July 30 2006

Yay childhood!

I was cruising the new Amazon Grocery Store for a future blog entry idea I had, when I stumbled across something… THEY HAVE BOO BERRY!!!!!! For those unfamiliar with the wonders of Boo Berry, it was introduced in 1975 with Frankenberry, Count Chocula and Fruit Brute. Fanken and Count met with decent success, but Boo… read more

Luis over at BlogD was being all smart-assy today mentioning the blogs he reads that he hasn’t linked yet. Since he mentioned mine, I felt obligated to do something thought provoking… Instead I ripped off a joke entry by CosmicBudhha, another blog Luis linked to. TAKE THAT LUIS! 24 is one of those shows you… read more


July 28 2006

iTunes Fun

Use iTunes/Media Player to find out these statistics…. Total Number of Songs – 21350 Total Length of Music 91 days, 05 hours, 54 minutes, 45 seconds Sort By Song Title : First Song : ’39 – Queen Last Song: Zydeco X – BeauSoliel Sort By Time: Longest Song : Alphabet Street / Glam Slam /… read more

YAY! 30 Days is back! Frank George is a 55 year old from Mojave,CA. He was born in Cuba and immigrated to the USA when he was 7. Now Frank is a US citizen and he believes, strongly, that illegal immigration is wrong. He has gone so far as to join the Minutemen Project, patrolling… read more


Who in the world is directing All My Children this week? A film school drop out? They changed film stock and it look horrible, and now you have overcomplicated shots being filmed that the camerman can’t handle! Boom shots? POV shots? The show looks like absolute dreck this week! I’m hoping we go back to… read more

Back on February 4th of this year, I wrote, yet another, entry about the American Family Association attacking television shows. One thing I said was: What I also don’t understand is that twice now they have attacked NBC over being “anti-Christian”, but yet I have not heard a peep of anyone going after Rescue Me… read more


I give up. It’s the same thing every week. I enjoy watching the show, but writing the recaps is boring me in to a coma. I really doubt anyone is couting on me for these anyway. Oh well, 30 Days starts this week! Oh, and it got renewed for another season. Let’s hope they come… read more


Amazon is running a special this week only on a Western Digital 250gb external hard drive. Why should you care? As I have mentioned before, I am running multiple external drives due to my MP3 addiction, and now tv show addiction. (Hey, I can’t help it if I have shows within 12 hours of them… read more


July 23 2006

Clerks II

I just got back from Kevin Smith’s latest film, Clerks II. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Smith, well, he’s not for everyone. His films are filled with pop-culture references, gutter humor that would make a sailor blush, and a geek sensibility that will just be beyond most people. His first film was… read more

The other day I wrote about the hideous paint job on Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie. Well, today at San Diego Comic Con Paramount made a huge announcment that will warm every die-hard Transformers fan… Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime! Ok, for the 99.9% of you who went “um….”, he was… read more

Shameless advert time! V For Vendetta comes out August 1st, I can not wait to get this! Best movie I have seen in the theater in ages! You can get a Full Screen (why do people still buy this format?), Widescreen or the Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition. I’m going for the two-disc set, but because… read more

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