July 1 2006

What the heck happened?

As I have mentioned before, I am a Manchester United fan, but I couldn’t believe what I witnessed in the England vs. Portugal game today. In the 61st minute, Wayne Rooney was trapped by two Portugal players, and in a fit of anger, he knocked one to the ground and…stepped somewhere a man prefers not to be stepped on, and to top it off, he did it right in front of the ref.

Now, the interesting part was when Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal ran over and was animatedly telling the ref what a horrible thing Rooney had done. Small problem, Ronaldo plays for Manchester United also! So when Rooney saw his team mate siding against him, he got angry and shoved Ronaldo. The ref had his fill of it and gave Rooney a red card meaning an immediate ejection from the game. England played 10 to Portugal’s 11 for the rest of the game. The game remained scoreless and it ended up in penalty kicks where Portugal won, sending England home.

So, now comes the question, what will happen with Ronaldo? As seriously as the English take their soccer, and seeing as he sided against Rooney, will he be traded away? My guess is yes, just for his own safety. And I am sorry to see England go, I was rooting for them.

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