July 3 2006

Hell’s Kitchen 2, Episode 3

Hell’s Kitchen opens with another early morning assembling of the teams in the dining room. Everyone makes it threre quickly except Sara, who was in the shower at the time. This still illicits Ramsay’s disapproval. He is dismayed by the lack of communication amongst the teams, so today’s challange would be a communication test. Each team would cook three entrees from the existing menu in 20 minutes, the twist is, only one team member will be in the kitchen at a time. As they switch off, they will only have 15 seconds to relay the infrormation of where they are in the prep.

The dishes are the chicken entrée, the tortellini dish and the salmon. During the first roung it was Virginia and Tom in the kitchens, and everything went smoothly except for Tom trying to use some pre-made tortellinis and Ramsay caught him. Giacomo and Rachel replaced them and that one went smoothly, it was the next handoff that things went wrong.

Maribel didn’t hear Rachel mention the tortellini, so had no idea they were even to be prepared. Keith heard the tortellini, but thought he was to make it so he started a whole new batch from scratch. When Sara and Garrett step in, the mess-ups continue. The women don’t get the tortellini out at all, the men get it out minus the sauce, partially due to Garrett starting a third batch, but they still win on the dish by default. Tom tries to explain about the sauce to Ramsay, but due to Tom’s slouching, it turns in to a lesson on posture. Tom says in the private interview it’s a good thing he signed a non-violence clause because Ramsay doesn’t want to get in a street fight with him. Right Tom, you keep thinking that buddy. In the end, the men made so many mistakes, the women still win even with an entire dish missing. For their reward, they spend a day on a yacht while the men do all the laundry from the resturant. The men use the time wisely to test each other on the dishes so they will not make any more mistakes during service.

The next day brings a new service and Ramsay announces their goal is to serve every ticket. The women start breaking down early as Heather gets bossy with Sara and even calls out her times for her. Ramsay tells her to back off. Over on the men’s side though, as Giacamo prepares to work on the entrees, he informs Scott that the oven isn’t hot. Scott takes a look and curses Giacamo out for not turning on the gas. Ramsay just stares in amazement at the stupidity and then yells also. Meanwhile, Keith thinks they are running out of tomato sauce and asks Tom to start making more. Scott gets annoyed and points out the extra in the fridge. Tom gets yelled at for making more, but he informs everyone “I’ve already started.” It would seem once tomato sauce is started, it can not be stopped in Tom’s book. Idiot.

Let’s cut to the chase, the men lost again, but they were so bad there is no “Best-of-the-worst” and each guy nominates someone. Tom gets 3 noms and Giacamo 1. Giacamo goes as forgetting to turn off the gas is such a basic mistake it is unforgivable.

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