July 5 2006

Big Brother Houseguests Accidentally Revealed!

Due to a glitch with the live feeds, the house was seen live yesterday. Normally it would not be seen until after the first show. If you do not wish to know who made it in the house, look away now!

George (Big Brother 1)
Marcellas (Big Brother 3)
Kaysar (Big Brother 6)
Howie (Big Brother 6)
Jase (Big Brother 5)
James (Big Brother 6)
Will (Big Brother 2)
Mike (Big Brother 2)
Janelle (Big Brother 6)
Alison (Big Brother 4)
Danielle (Big Brother 3)
Diane (Big Brother 5)
Nakomis (Big Brother 5)
Erika (Big Brother 4)

If you wonder why I never link George, it’s because CBS took down the BB1 site ages ago.

So, my analysis? Pretty much as I figured. The evil folks made it in huge numbers. Two of the smartest players made it in also though in Diane and Nakomis. I love Marcellas, but no way will he make it to the end, but I’m glad he’s there. Will, Mike, Janelle, Kaysar, Howie and James…they can all fall off the face of the earth for all I care. Alison…gah! I couldn’t stand her on BB OR the Amazing Race. If any woman ever deserved the title of “Shrew”, it’s her.

So join me in hoping that Diane and Nakomis tear the house up. If they still have the chops, they should be able to bat the majority of these people like balls of yarn. My biggest fear is old alliances carrying through, especially from the BB6 guests.

Tune in Thursday night to see the Chen-Bot 7.0 educate us all on how the players were picked.

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