July 6 2006

Geek Time!

Interesting technology news today on several fronts:

Microsoft has decided it’s time to take on the iPod. They are rumored to be working on a WiFi enabled player that will not need a computer to add music to it. They are also rumored to be working on their own version of the iTunes music store.

My thoughts? Too little, too late. iPod is more than a brand at this point, it’s an icon. It’s chic, it’s cool, two things Microsoft has never mastered. Also, how do you get your existing music on to the new player? Add it to your network? Not easy for everyone. Also, what information will it bebroadcasting. I want to see a lot more info on this, but I think it’s a bad idea.


America Online is considering offering their service for free to all high speed internet users. They’ve lost around 8 million subscirbers since the end of 2002, so they are considering going to an ad revenue based system instead of subscription.

It’s about time. The only reason I still have AOL is to keep the email addresses locked down. Otherwise I hate the service.


Earthlink has WiFi’d most of Anaheim, CA, now they are working on VoIP services. They seem to be testing VoIP phones which can be used anywhere in their WiFi cloud, and even in the car at up to 40 MPH. I knew this was coming at some point, but it’s exciting to see it actually working. Traditional phone companies better get ready to lose even more customers.

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