July 8 2006

“I’m leaving, on a jet airplane…”

Well, I’ve reserved my seats to and from LAX/NRT. (Los Angeles International Airport/Narita International Airport) I’m still not 100% sure I’m going, but I’m like 99%, and seats were selling out. I normally fly on Wednesday, arrive Thursday in Japan, but that flight was sold out. The travel agent said I could get on the Thursday/Friday flight, but that would mean arriving in Tokyo after the banks had closed for the weekend. Yeah, I could get money changed here before I leave, but I get a much better rate if I do it there. So I am now flying out on the Tuesday/Wednesday flight, and I got the last ticket for Business class that day. Yes, business class is expensive, but when you are 6’4″, and you have a close to 12 hour flight, you need the leg room!

So I will now be in Tokyo from August 16th to August 31st under the current plan, one more day than I had planned on. Doesn’t break my heart, just raises my expenses. Perhaps I might actually have some time to do something touristy this time or, heaven forbid, LEAVE TOKYO FOR A DAY! *waits for the audience to stop gasping* I have made three trips to Japan now, totalling five weeks, and I have yet to leave Tokyo. But, when you consider that the city, and the surrounding wards, have a population of 12,527,115 as of October 1st, 2003, there is a heck of a lot to do!

I will be blogging while I’m there as I don’t want to lose my every-day record, but some of the posts may just be a picture, who knows, depends on how tired I am. Considering I am gone the first week of August on business, come home and leave for Tokyo, August is going to be a busy, busy month for me.

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