July 10 2006

Hell’s Kitchen 2, Episode 4

The fourth episode of Hell’s Kitchen was all about the disaster known as Tom. It seems he felt no one had given up as much as him to be there and everyone should pity him. Well, I pity him for being a moron and taking a risk with his livelhood like that. Idiot.

Honestly, this show has made a big mistake this season. It is just far too much like last season without enough new twists. The only big shake-up this week was Heather being moved over to the men’s team to take a leadership roll with them. She led them to win the reward challange, which was to get out all the meals for a restaurant full of kids. Their reward was a day at an amusement park…whooppee. The women had to clean the mess the kids had left, and during dinner service, they had to get ice when Ramsay asked for it since the kitchen’s ice machine was broken. Yeah…right.

Long story short, both teams sucked, Tom went home. This show better change something soon, because right now I don’t like any of the cast and it’s just too similar to last season.

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