July 11 2006

Who is naming these products?

Zune Logo

Pictured above is the long rumored Microsoft answer to the iPod. It’s still in early devolopment, so there is a chance it could always change.

Ok, let us all pray it changes! Zune? ZUNE?!? I already slammed on the idea of Windows Vista’s unsexy name, Microsoft just keeps picthing the easy to hit, slow balls at me.

The logo sucks.

The name sucks.

The apperance of the device sucks.

The iPod is sexy. It’s sleek. It’s an icon already. The Zune (*gag*) is none of those things, and is so late to the marketplace, it will alwys be viewed as an “also ran”.

Perhaps Microsoft should funnel the money from this disaster in to getting Vista out on time?

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