July 12 2006

Project Runway

How, HOW did I never watch Project Runway on Bravo before?!? On Sunday, there was nothing on and they were running a marathon of the first season. I started watching 3 or 4 episodes in to it, and I couldn’t turn it off! I have never been much for fashion, but this show just engrossed me. This show was just construced so differently than any other reality show I’ve watched. The contestants seem to pay the littest amount of attenton to the cameras of any show I’ve seen. And as it’s dealing with creative personalities, there are also far more emotions exploding that you usually see. And the people were so vibrant…just an amazing show. Real standouts from this season were Jay, Austin and Wendy.

Then today they ran season 2! Bless the Tivo since I had to be at work! Although I did turn it on at work also. And guess what! It was as good as season 1, if not better! Although there were only two real standouts in this one, Santino and Andrae. I was riveted to the whole season though.

So, season 3 is starting tonight, and yep, I was there! It’s starting great! I think a lot of this show’s credit has to be given to Heidi Klum for being a great host. The absolute best thing though is Tim Gunn, chairmen of the Chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design. You can tell that everything this man says is golden, and if the designers would just listen to what he says, they would go much further in the contest.

I’m rambling on, just give this show a try. It is nothing like I first imagined, and I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner!

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