July 13 2006

Really…stay out of my house would ya?

A couple of days ago, the House of Representatives voted 317-93 to ban most forms of payment to online gambling web sites. According to news reports, the $12 Billion-per-year industry was making it too easy for young people to make themselves bankrupt.

So, let’s think about this for a moment. Upwards of $12 Billion dollars a year is floating around that the government could have taxed, but instead they choose to ban it all together. Was this really for the greater good? Were they really protecting you? I was not aware that the government was my parent and when I misbehaved with something they would just take it away from me. I guess everyone just got grounded.

People are putting themselves in to debt with online gambling and people need to be protected from this. Um…ok, are we now going to ban $4000 plasma TVs? $30,000 H3 Hummers? 30 year mortgages? I mean, all those things could lead people to debt and bankruptcy. If I don’t know how to manage my money, I could just as easily make myself bankrupt buying material goods. I guess that’s ok though since the government gets a cut of those sales.

It would seem that when someone can’t manage their own life, it’s time to pass a law about it punishing everyone, even those responsible enough to handle their own lives. How about you just let me spend my money the way I see fit. (for the record, I have never gambled online)

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