July 14 2006

And the truth shall set you free

Trey Parker and Matt Stone were doing a press junket at the Television Critics Assn, to promote an upcoming “Best Of” DVD of South Park, some old stories got new twists.

– It was heavily hinted that “Trapped In The Closet” was pulled from it’s reruns due to pressure from Tom Cruise. It returns to the rotation on July 19th. This may be in part to it was the only episode Trey & Matt submitted to the Emmys, and it was nominated. Gee, win awards, get your episode back on the air. If it had not aired, there was going to be problems over it now.

Issac Hayes did quit over Scientology being picked on, and they kind of expected it.

– They are afraid of getting “Tom Cruise stink” on them.

– After “Cartoon Wars” aired, where they picked on Family Guy with a vengance, The Simpsons sent them flowers, and King Of The Hill staff sent them thank you notes.

You can find more info about the press confernce at TVWeek Blog, Seattle P.I., LA Times, and the Washington Post.

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