July 16 2006

Oh well

Amazing how plans change. Japan is off for now. Maybe in the fall. I honestly can’t say as I’m heartbroken this time. Too much going on in August as it is. And with the new company website getting ready for launch, I’ll be swamped anyway.

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Japan Work

  • Roy

    Too bad about the trip. But Tokyo is better in the fall/winter anyways. It’s cooler and more comfortable and girls wear sexy long boots. ;-)

    If you have time the next time you’re here let’s meet up.

  • I’ve only ever been there in August! I don’t believe the country exists in any other month! *laugh* And yes, boots are a good thing! And for sure, would love to have dinner with someone who could translate a menu for me *laugh*. AM/PM and conveyor belt sushi does get old!

  • Roy

    When you have your next trip planned drop me a mail and I’ll set aside time.