July 17 2006

Hell’s Kitchen 2, Episode 5

Ok, Hell’s Kitchen got slightly more amusing with the fifth epuside. After a short showing of the girls staring to in-fight, we then got to a fun demostration by Ramsay. He invited the two teams to sit down with him to some gourmet snacks, what they don’t know is all the items are fake. Fondue was really canned cheese, the pate is crushed hot dogs, the caviar was from a catfish and the kabobs were made from tv dinners. Not one chef guessed, although Heather looked like she might have had a clue, but didn’t want to make a fool of herself. This was all a test to see if their palates could be fooled, and they all were, proving we eat as much with our eyes as with our taste buds.

This set-up the true challange of a blindfolded taste test. Red vs. Blue and red ended up winning by 1 correct answer. The former all womens tam got to go with Ramsay to a TV Guide photo shoot, while the blue team stayed back and cleaned both kitchens from the previous nights service. That was the end of the road though for the women’s good luck in this episode as Rachel turned in a devestating performance, and even tried to fake how much she had cooked some meat to Ramsay. Never a wise idea.

So, couple amusing things, but overall it still seems too much like season 1 to me. Rachel went home, I think it’s obvious this is coming down to Heather.

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