July 18 2006

And lo shall the evil one’s influence spread…

Rachael Ray prepares to cast a spell

Rachael Ray prepares to cast her dark magic spell over a broader audience

Satan’s evil servant Rachael Ray met with TV critics about her upcoming syndicated talk show. She plans on having a more open set and having people play foosball and cook with her. To quote her directly:

“I want to laugh and eat something in every show,”

Of course you do, how else would you maintain those chipmunk cheeks of yours, Princess of the Dark Arts? (For those of you who don’t remember, I really, really don’t like this woman) The idea of her having even more airtime on TV…I already want to run for a fall out shelter, her 900 hours of Food Network time a week are already enough to make my ears bleed.

So, say good-bye to your loved ones, the evil comes in September.

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