July 19 2006

They’re More Than Meets The Eye

I grew up on the Transformers. I spent hours transforming them, making them battle, playing out mini Autobots vs. Decepticons wars. I always thought there would be a movie some day, and if you didn’t know it, there’s going to be one released on July 4th, 2007. Sadly, the more I learn, the more I get afraid of the movie sucking. Several things have made me nervous, but the final straw came on July 11th.

Anyone who ever played with the toys, watched the tv show, saw the movie, read the comics, they all know the most iconic figure is Optimus Prime. Everyone knows the snub nosed semi.

Original Optimus Prime

Everyone knows that truck, we all love it and we all associate it with everything that is the Transformers. So imagine my dismay when this picture showed up on the web, reportedly from the location shoot the movie was working on.

Movie Optimus Prime?

If this is Optimus Prime, you will hear my blood curdling screams across the planet. Ok, fine, I can live with the long nosed cab if it makes the robot form taller. I can live with that. But the flame paint job…it is enough to make me run screaming in to the woods. Fine, you changed from the snub nosed to the long nose, but why the change in paint job? Optimus is a leader, he is not about flash, he is about leading his troops in a practicle way, he would never waste time on such a silly paint job.

Let us all hope this image is fake.

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