July 21 2006


So, my 35th birthday was even more depressing than I anticipated. Not only was I not thrilled about getting another year older, it seemed people I would expect to make sure to say “Happy Birthday” to me couldn’t be bothered. No, I don’t mean anyone reading this blog, I mean some very specific people that I know don’t come here.

I am one of those people who go’s out of his way to wish people a happy birthday. One of the people I am annoyed with had her birthday on July 4th. She thanked me for sending her a card and how nice it was I remembered. To date, I have not heard one word from her. And yes, I know she’s been online as she pops up on my buddy list.

My new motto? You’re going to have to earn me saying “Happy Birthday” as it seemed to be beyond anyone elses doing.

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