July 25 2006

Yep…they’re back

Back on February 4th of this year, I wrote, yet another, entry about the American Family Association attacking television shows. One thing I said was:

What I also don’t understand is that twice now they have attacked NBC over being “anti-Christian”, but yet I have not heard a peep of anyone going after Rescue Me on the FX Network.

I need to learn to shut my stupid mouth.

It was reported yesterday on the AdvertisingAge website, that the AFA has convinced T-Mobile to pull their ads from both Rescue Me and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, both airing on the FX Network. The article states that the orginization bombarded T-Mobile’s CEO, Robert Dotson, with emails saying how they found these two shows his company advertises on to be offensive. Mr. Dotson then said he reviewed episodes of the show and stated:

“I have personally taken the time to view some of the programs where we have run advertising, …Candidly, some of the choices we have made are clearly inconsistent with who we are and what we stand for.”

As for the show’s themselves, an FX spokesman said:

“The shows air at 10 p.m., they are marketed to adults and we do a good job of making viewers aware that it is adult content. More than 90% of the audience for ‘Rescue Me’ is 18 or older.”

Again, I have to state, YOU have the power to control what YOU watch. YOU have the remote control in your hand, turn the channel if it OFFENDS YOU! I happen to like Rescue Me, but I fully realize my grandmother might now, so you know what she does? She doesn’t watch it! You know what I do about shows I don’t like? I don’t watch them! However, Rev Wildmon, the founder of the AFA, feels that no one should watch them. At the rate he’s going, he might very well get his way.

I know no one will do anything, but don’t cry to me when they next target one of your favorite shows. We have to speak up just as loudly as they do if this is ever to stop. How can such a small group, they claim 3,000,000 supporters, so about 1% of the entire population, control what the rest of us watches? I don’t think so. Think about that for a second. A group that adds up to 1 out of every 100 people is dictating what you see on television.

Would someone care to explain to me when Hollywood and advertisers decided this country was minority rules? I would like to know. Ok, thanks.

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