July 31 2006

Yay! More Room!

(yes I posted this on August 1st, but I am back dating due to 1. my site kept going down 2. my cable service went out as soon as my site was back up = not my fault)

Got the Western Digital 250gb external hard drive I talked about last week. It’s back to it’s normal price of $156.95 this week, so glad I swooped in and picked it up at $99! Still amazes me though how cheap storage is getting. We all seem to need more and more of it. I now have a 250gb internal hard drive, 2 Maxtor External 300gb drives, a Seagate 250gb drive and now the Western Digital 250gb hooked up to my computer. So I am running 1200gb, or 1.2tb of storage. Yikes.

Now, I admit some of that is because I am a worrier. My 100gb of music I mentioned recently? That resides on one of the Maxtor drives…and is backed up on the Seagate…and now the Western Digital. Yeah, I’m running 3 copies of my music, so sue me. My view though is I have spent a considerable amount of time building that collection, if one drive fails, I want to make sure I don’t lose all those files! That would suck beyond belief.

Do I think I have too much storage? No. You can NEVER have too much storage.

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