The other night, Kiefer Sutherland won an Emmy for Best Actor In A Drama Series. Kudos to him! However, I think there was a major over-sight by the academy in the category of Best Supporting Actor In A Drama Series…Jack Bauer’s Satchel Of Doom. Where would Jack be if it wasn’t for his Bag Of… read more

Yep…more Transformer’s whining, I can’t stop myself. This time, it’s a close-up of Bumblebee’s face. Bumblebee in the cartoon Bumblebee in the movie I get that they are trying to make them look more like robots, but can’t we be at least a little less “Messed-up-drug-dream-face-of-a-guy-wearing-a-gas-mask”?… read more

Spotted this over at Engadget today, and they in turn got it from the Daily Mail. So, the idea is you store your car in the belly of your RV on a sliding tray. I don’t even want to think of how much this costs. I did love Engadget’s suggestion though: All it needs is… read more


August 29 2006

1 Year On

Amazing it’s already been 1 year since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans. The thing that kills me, is: 1) Ray Nagin is still a moron, and somehow got re-elected. The man can’t seem to open his mouth without pissing someone off. (The Chocolate City speech and the Ground Zero/hole-in-the-ground comment come to mind)… read more


August 28 2006

Stupid Media

I really didn’t want to comment on this whole thing, but now I can’t resist…did anyone really think John Mark Karr killed JonBenét Ramsey? Yes, he is a sick bastard. Yes, he does not belong on the streets. Yes, I am happy he is in jail. No, I never thought for a second he was… read more

This weeks 30 Days placed pro-choice Jennifer, a 29 year old woman with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology that works in a women’s health clinic, in a Christian, pro-life maternity home named His Nesting Place. During her 30 days there, she is supposed to follow the house rules, work in the pregnancy crisis center and… read more


If the site keeps randomly changing looks on you, it’s because I’m playing with some new layouts. You aren’t losing your mind….or are you?? Ok folks, I think this is going to be the final choice. I’ll be tweaking it some, but I was getting tired of the old one, but if you really hate… read more

Why do they keep doing this to me? This is the Megatron I grew up with. He turned in to a gun. He was cool. Later on, in Generation 2, he became a tank, still cool and I could live with it. Both heads were pretty similar though. So, leave it to the movie folks… read more

General Rants

August 26 2006

What the…?

Do you all remember Debra Lafave? I wrote about her here. She was the teacher in Florida who slept with a 14 year old student, but got out of jail time on the “I’m too pretty for jail” defense. Yeah, you all remember her. Anyway, part of her sentance was to serve 3 years of… read more

If, like me, you have had an impossible time getting to the site during the day, things should be better now as I’ve had my host, DreamHost, move me to a different server. This is one of the drawbacks to using a shared host. Sure, they may be cheap, but if one of your “neighbors”… read more

Well, I am sure most of you have heard the news by now, but Pluto is no longer a planet, but a new classification, a “dwarf planet“. From the amazingly quickly created Wikipedia article: The resolution describes a dwarf planet as an object that: * is in orbit around the Sun, * has sufficient mass… read more

Last year, I wrote up an entry on a fun pair of fraternal twin, blonde sisters named Lynx & Lamb who perform under the name Prussian Blue. Yes, those sweet little, Hitler-lovin’ girls are back! ABC Primtime decided to do an update story on them this week. Basically not much has changed except they moved… read more

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