August 1 2006

whoa…I was productive today!

Don’t get me wrong, I get stuff done at work everyday, but I was abnormally productive today!

– Caught up on entering invoices for accounting

– Caught up entering the sales for June and July for accounting

– Caught up on the quarterly breakdowns

– Cleaned my desk

– Read a couple issues of Video Business

– Shredded a ton of stuff that needed to be

– Worked more on the new (We’re going live by the weekend I think!)

– Placed orders with one of my Japanese suppliers

And a bunch of other minor things. The difference between today and other days? I was the only one in the office today. Gee, what does this say for my employees distracting me?

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  • Jo

    Ah, no phones, no people, just me and my office; I get a whole heck of a lot more done. Now if we can just get the IT people to keep the computers up and running, I’d get a heck of a lot more done! Congrats

  • Yeah, the phones were oddly quiet today too, so that was a big help. It was like the perfect storm of productiviness!