August 9 2006

If this is true, Chen-Bot needs a life

By far the best site on the web for Big Brother updates is, and I am not questioning what they are reporting, I am questioning the fact Dr. Will said it as he lies like no one other.

According to this post and this one, it would seem Dr. Will got lectured by the producers over his calling the Chen-Bot “sweetheart” during the live show last week. It would appear “Big Brother” took exception to this and feels that it was condescending and he will no longer be spoken to during the live shows.

Um….get a life? How is this any different than female talk show hosts calling guests “darling”? Or saying “Bless your heart”? It’s not. I am no big fan of Dr. Will’s, but Chen-Bot, hubby Les moonves and the BB producers need to lighten the hell up. Has political correctness gone this far that names like “sweetheart” are on the same footing as racial slurs? I’ll have to remember this the next time I walk in to some local store and a female clerk says to me “Is that all today hun?” (which really does happen) I will make sure to tell her I do not appreciate her condescending me.

Crazy people I tell ya.

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