August 10 2006

How long until they ban people from planes?

At the rate that things are going now, soon they won’t allow people on planes. All carry-on luggage has been banned in England and other parts of Europe, can’t say as I blame them. Liquids are banned pretty much worldwide right now with the exceptions being perscrition meds and babies milk, but mothers must sample the milk first. Perscription medications are being let on, thank goodness as I had been worrying about diabetics and the such, so at least they thought of that.

One thing I do wish is someone would explain facism to the White House. A group of 20+ Muslims plotting a terror attack does not mean we are at “war with Islamic fascists,”, it means we are at war with Islamic fundamentalists. Large difference folks. Mussolini was a fascist. These guys? Not so much. And the US Muslims are taking offense at the comparisson also. Can’t say as I blame them, like they need any more hatred heaped on them.

It is estimated in 2004 there were 1.476 billion Muslims in the world. Can we really condemn the entire faithful of a religion for the actions of a few? Going by that logic, every Christian should be considered a potential killer of doctors who perform abortions. The Muslims who carry out these acts have perverted the Qur’an, just as Christians who kill doctors have perverted the Bible. Leave your average, everyday Muslim alone. They are being hurt as much in this as anyone else.

This isn’t a good day for anyone, and serves only as a reminder of what still lurks out there, waiting for anyone at any time. All of a sudden, my trip to Japan being cancelled for next week isn’t bothering me quite so much.

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