August 18 2006

*insert blood curdling scream*

More and more info is coming out, and leaking out, about the Transformers movie. Some of it is exciting, some of it makes my skin crawl.

First off today, we now have an official list of which Transformers we’ll see:


Optimus Prime – truck
Bumblebee – camaro
Jazz – Lamborghini
Ratchet – Emergency vehicle based on the Humvee design
Ironhide – GMC Topkick pickup truck


Megatron – Alien jet or tank
Starscream – F-22 Raptor
Brawl – Buffalo (mine protected vehicle)
Bonecrusher – Tank
Barricade – police car (new to the movie)
Skorpinok – Giant mechanical scorpion
Frenzy – unknown
Blackout – MH-53 Pave Low Helicopter (new to the movie, emits EMP pulse)

And then…then came the blood curdling scream inducing pictures….

black truck – Ironhide
green truck – Ratchet
yellow camaro – Bumblebee
truck – Optimus Prime
Bumblebee in robot mode
Parts of what are believed to be Megatron covered in ice
Sadly…Optimus Prime

When will Hollywood learn there is no need to mess with source material? As I’ve said before, I can understand some of the changes, but why the need to give Optimus a flame paint job? Why use a Lamborghini for Jazz? Transformers has a Lamborghini, Sideswipe, so why not use him? Jazz was a race car, why mix characters? Like Devastator was originally made up of the 6 Constructicons, which, it just so happens, one of them was named Bonecrusher, who is now a tank?

If Hollywood wants to cash-in on a much beloved property, such as Transformers, then stay faithful to what made it loved! I can understand some minor changes, but it seems like not one of the characters is staying faithful to what I grew up with!

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