August 19 2006

Not bad for not flying yet

Some time ago, I mentioned I might be changing over to American Airlines for my flights to Japan due to the number of ways there are to earn miles. Boy was I ever right!

Since that time, I joined the AAdvantage program, and I am now at almost 10,000 miles without having gotten on a plane! Some of the miles have been earned by going through special links when I order from online shops via AAdvantage eShopping. When I click on their links, I get a specified number of miles per dollar spent. Some times as high as 6 miles per dollar.

The best program I have found though is When you sign up, you agree to take surveys based on your interests, and for each survey they pay you in virtual money. When you have $25 virtual dollars, you can purchase 500 miles for AA. Well, it tooke me less than a month and I had 500 miles from just filling out a couple surveys! Well worth my time, and they do work with other programs, so they are worth checking out.

I love earning miles without even getting on a plane! The other fun place I have discovered is If you have lots of points/miles programs you belong to, you can go here, keep track of them all and swap rewards between programs. A great way to see what you’re doing and where.

I swear I am now a miles addict!

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