August 21 2006

Pink is the new black

A recent study conducted by the Oxygen Network shows women are getting more in to gadgets. According to this study, men owned an average of 6.9 gadgets to women owning 6.6. The same study showed that 77% of women wanted a plasma television instead of a diamond solitaire necklace, but 56% would only make the same choice over a weekend in Florida. (I would still take the plasma TV)

I am thrilled to see women getting more with gadgets and electronics, but would someone explain to me why gadget makers think the way to tap this market is just to make their devices in pink?

The pink PS2 coming out in England.

Pink PSP coming out in all of Europe.

Samsung Q40 coming out in Europe

The pink Razr sold just about everywhere.

I know there are some women who will be thrilled by these (calm down Rachel), but in general, well…I think it’s kind of insulting. Can’t you just imagine these product meetings?

Executive 1 “We need to tap this growing female consumer market for gadgets. How do we do it?”

Executive 2 “Make our existing products pink?”

Executive 1 “BRILLIANT!”

What’s even more insulting is when they not only make the device pink, they think they can UNDER POWER IT! The Samsung Q40 pictured above is a perfect example of that. With the blossoming of the dual-core age, releasing a laptop with a single core only running 1.2GHz is, well, insulting. A 60gb hard drive? But let’s not forget…it’s pink! For the price of $2,460, it’s a rip-off is what it is.

If pink is your thing (again, calm down Rachel…we all know you love pink), more power to you, enjoy. If, however, you are serious about your gadgets at the same time, don’t be lulled in to being jipped in power or performance just because it has a pretty cover.

Random link, check out ShinyShiny for all your female gadget news.

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