August 22 2006

30 Days, Season 2, Episode 4:New Age

Why did it take me almost a week to write about the fourth episode of 30 Days season 2? Because it might have been this season’s Binge Drinking Mom episode.

Tom Collett is a 37 year old transportation salesman and he has a temper. He get’s stressed, and blows up at little things, so he needs to calm down because he fears it is boiling over and damaging his relationship with his girlfriend, Misti. The problem with this episode is he Tom seemed TOO willing to immerse himself in the New Age philosophy, he was ready to change his lifestyle and he quickly embraced everything his life coach, Barbara Biziou, had to tell him. The majority of the conflict came from Misti, who, once she met Barbara was also all for it!

Not that I wanted to see anyone tearing each other’s eyes out, but I did want to see someone who was actually interesting and having their life broadened by the experience, instead I felt like I was watching a man get 30 free days of intense therapy. Yes, he was supposedly “changed” when it’s all over, but it still felt like he was too open to the information.

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