August 23 2006

Hate to say “I saw it coming”…

I love quoting my self. On 06/26/05 I said of Tom Cruise and his craziness:

So what is my point to all this? Lots. I think that our celebrities are growing more and more wildly out of control. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes pretty much are the current poster children for this. Celebrities have gotten to a point where they feel they can go around saying anything they want without any sort of ramifications.

There a lot of reasons why certain opinions should be kept to yourself if you are in the public eye at all. I am a business owner, and I know some customers might not shop with me if I publically said what political party I belong to. So, to make sure I don’t annoy my customers, I keep my mouth shut about politics. Before Tom goes shooting his mouth off about psychology, he should perhaps ponder what this might do to his career. I, for one, will not be seeing his new film, or any of his future films because he has annoyed me to such an extent. There are also lots of rumors circulating that Katie Holmes probably won’t be invivted back for the Batman Begins follow-up due to her recent actions.

It’s up to each person to decide if this bothers them. Every person in this country has a right to their own opinions and has the right to express them. Each person should also realize though, sometimes it is best to not go on a highly rated morning talk show and essentially call the host a moron. And to attack another celebrity for seeking medical help that you don’t believe in? Or for that matter, basically saying that anyone on these meds is in the wrong? Just not a smart move in my not-so-humble opinion.”

In case you have not seen the news of the past few days, Tom Cruise and Paramount have seen fit to part company and Paramount will not be renewing his contract. And make sure you all see this part:

“As much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal,” Viacom Inc. Chairman Sumner Redstone told the Wall Street Journal in an interview posted online. “His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”

So…what do we learn from all this boys and girls? I was right. Acting nutty because of your “love” for Katie Holmes, attacking Brooke Shields because she took prescribed drugs, and talking endlessly of your love of Scientology MIGHT just not be the brightest idea when you are so much in the public eye.

Is this finally a sign that Hollywood has had it’s fill of crazy actor antics? Perhaps Mel Gibson’s recent drunken attack of Jews, Tom Cruise’s craziness and so on, has gotten to the studios and see an oppurtunity to bring their stars back under control. Profit margins are shrinking, and if they sjake out a few big names, they may bring some of the others back in to line.

There are those who say this has to do with religious intolerance. No, I think it has to do with being just basically insane. In the linked article, Russell Shaw of The Huffington Post goes to great lengths to show how this is anti-religious, and those of us who attack Scientology are being hypocrites and so on, and that we base our opinions on “cursory analysis” of Scientology. Yeah, I think I have shown on numerous occasions that I have done more than a “cursory analysis“. And since I have last written about them, I have actually watched some of their recruiting videos…comparing not following Scientology to blowing your brains out doesn’t exactly seem “sane” to me. Yes folks, they really do make that comparrison, it has to be seen to be believed, but it keeps disappearing from YouTube…gee…wonder why.

Whatever your opinion on Scientology itself, you can’t deny the boy has lost his mind and it has cost him a 14 year association with Paramount. I, for one, couldn’t be more amused.

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