August 24 2006

An update on everyone’s favorite “musicians”

Last year, I wrote up an entry on a fun pair of fraternal twin, blonde sisters named Lynx & Lamb who perform under the name Prussian Blue. Yes, those sweet little, Hitler-lovin’ girls are back! ABC Primtime decided to do an update story on them this week. Basically not much has changed except they moved out of Bakersfield,CA so they could find some place “more white”. Other fun things we learned:

– Lynx and Lamb think the Holocaust is over exaggerated because they aren’t sure there were even 6 million Jews alive at that time.

David Duke, former leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, thinks they are a wonderful example for other children.

– They released a second album…music lovers everywhere openly weep upon hearing it. (say what you will of their politics..they can’t sing!)

– They tried to do their part for Hurricane Katrina relief by sending a box of supplies down to New Orleans. Sadly, their box ended up at a surplus store when no one was real eager to take a box makred as to be distributed to whites only.

– Their father, a former drug user, tried to win custody back from their mother and failed. He claims he doesn’t share their racist views, but who knows.

– The Gaede family ranch (owned by their grandfather on their mother’s side) brand is a Nazi swastika. Picture here since they make it very clear all pictures are copyrighted.

As I was wandering around, reading up on these beacons of brotherly love again, I found this delightful entry on their blog. They have released a Germany-only CD entitled “For the Fatherland” which “contains the songs from the girl’s cds that have not yet been declared illegal by the oppressive German government.” Gee, do you ever think it might be because they have no desire to hear a song the glorifies Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy in the Nazi Party? Everyone needs to remember that the Germany of today is still very sensitive to what happened during World War II.

Really, what else can be said about these girls, their family or any of their ilk? Not a whole lot that hasn’t already been said. They will continue to sit around and declare how people that don’t agree with them are complacent in the destruction of their race and/or their country. I call it loving my fellow man no matter how they appear, or what they believe. Yes, that means even Lynx & Lamb fall in to that category, no matter how disgusting I may find their beliefs, I hold no ill-will towards them, if anything, I feel pity for them.

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