August 26 2006

What the…?

Do you all remember Debra Lafave? I wrote about her here. She was the teacher in Florida who slept with a 14 year old student, but got out of jail time on the “I’m too pretty for jail” defense. Yeah, you all remember her. Anyway, part of her sentance was to serve 3 years of house arrest, but it seems you can get out of that if Matt Lauer wants to interview you at a hotel.

I have no real problem with the interview, the state didn’t object as she’s not being paid for it, but I have a problem with her going to the hotel. Why couldn’t NBC film the interview at her house? Even if it was in the backyard? If she lives in an apartment, remove some furniture during the interview and move it back when you leave. There was NO reason for her to be allowed out of the house for a television interview!

This makes no sense to me at all. I’m angry at the judge, the prosecuters, and NBC equally. It would seem “house arrest” no longer means anything if you’re “pretty”.

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