August 27 2006

30 Days, Season 2, Episode 5:Abortion

This weeks 30 Days placed pro-choice Jennifer, a 29 year old woman with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology that works in a women’s health clinic, in a Christian, pro-life maternity home named His Nesting Place. During her 30 days there, she is supposed to follow the house rules, work in the pregnancy crisis center and take part in their pro-life activities.

Again, this episode fell on it’s face, but not for the usual lack of time, but more from neither side really being that engaged in the give-and-take of the format. Upon Jennifer’s arrival, she was asked by one of the head workers if she worked in a place that “sells abortions”. Oh yeah, this is going to go well. During the time Jennifer spent at their pro-life activities, she insisted on not standing with them and wearing a pro-choice shirt.

I am all for people standing by their convictions, but the whole point of 30 Days is to learn from each other. This season seems to be suffering from people who are either too attached their beliefs to listen (such as this episode) or they are too willing to give in (the New Age episode). Last season you had true immersions, like the Off-The-Grid episode, but this season it seems to be breaking their own rules left and right. I’m afraid the format of this show may be broken now, and I’m not really sure there’s a way to fix it.

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  • Well, the first few episodes started off well enough, especially the immigration one, but then they started getting weaker. I have some hopes for the last one on Prisons with Spurlock himself, but there is also so much variation within the prison system that it probably won’t give as real and extensive a look as it should. But we’ll see.

    By the way, this large grey (switching to green) typeface (used in the comment writing box) is a bit distracting. Any chance of going back to 12-pt. black regular, but keeping the larger type box?

  • I hadn’t seen the comment color. As soon as I figure out where the line of code is to change it, I will. (I actually will be dumping all the green as soon as I learn where to change all the colors probably.)

  • Ok, fixed the text for comments finally.

    Yeah, immigration was ok, but the rest have just been sleep inducing! And the Spurlock prison episode, well, news already leaked he left after 21 days. So it’s not even really 30 days!

  • Actually, the idea that he left after 21 days makes it more interesting–what could have happened to make Spurlock himself, with such a big investment in the series, to bail out before his time was done?

    Re: fonts–the color is fixed, but the size is still a bit big.

  • Forgot you had mentioned the size also, it’s fixed now:)

    Spurlock told the media, at the time, that he had enough footage. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that it’s one thing when you have no choice, but when you know you can walk out anytime you want, it makes being in there even rougher.

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