August 28 2006

Stupid Media

I really didn’t want to comment on this whole thing, but now I can’t resist…did anyone really think John Mark Karr killed JonBenét Ramsey? Yes, he is a sick bastard. Yes, he does not belong on the streets. Yes, I am happy he is in jail. No, I never thought for a second he was actually guilty of this murder.

The problem? Feeding this guys dellusional state has made it next to impossible to ever convict anyone for the murder of JonBenét.

Defense Attorny: “So let me see if I have this correct. You believe my client killed JonBenét? Just like you once thought her parents did it? Just like you questioned the other Ramsey children? Just like you thought that John Mark Karr did it? Really, aren’t you just grasping at anyone you remotely think might have been in the general vicinity?”

That’s all it’ll take to plant resonable doubt in the jurys mind. Case closed, and possible real killer gets away with it.

This case has been botched since day one (fun side fact, Deputy Chief Jim Hughes, who resigned over his part in the handelling of the case, is now the Chief of Police in my town…lucky me), and the media is as much to blame as the Boulder police. They were so anxious to be first out with a story, they jumped on any inkling of a suspect, and this time, Karr really filled the bill. A history of being arrested for child pornography, a seeming obsession with the JonBenét case, and his confession when confronted with the allegations. He did everything he could to cooperate with the authorities, making it seem just a bit too easy. It seemed everyone could see it was a bit odd, except for the media. They were too excited by the propsect of dragging out this story again for the ratings and the sales of newspapers and amagazines. All the whle, all they were really doing was feeding his dillusion and harming any chance of capturing and convicting the real murderer. Not that I really thought they had a chance after 10 years.

Everyone is to blame for this massive mess-up though. The Boulder, CO prosecutors for making a huge spectacle out of this process. The media everywhere for rushing to convict this man in the court of public opinion before they did their own investigative reporting. The Boulder police (again) for not doing thier own investigating, which, it seems, wasn’t too difficult to do if they had bothered to look in to where Karr was that Christmas. Never mind the fact the amount of money the Boulder,CO officials spent flying him back from Thailand in business class, and then in a state-owned pivate plane from California to Colorado.

So, kudos to you all, way to go on getting your 5 minutes of tv time on the back of a tragic murder and the mentally deranged man who sought attention. Guess you all won.

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