August 30 2006

Does silly do this justice?

RV with a car hold

Spotted this over at Engadget today, and they in turn got it from the Daily Mail. So, the idea is you store your car in the belly of your RV on a sliding tray. I don’t even want to think of how much this costs.

I did love Engadget’s suggestion though:

All it needs is a green paint job, a big number “2” on both sides and you’ve set up every Thunderbirds fan in the country for a month of restless nights: this pointlessly excessive system definitely makes it the Tracy family’s day tripper of choice.

Probably only funny to people who know of The Thunderbirds, but man I would be tempted. Anyway, start saving your pennies for this one kids, I am sure it will top many Christmas wishlists this year.

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