August 31 2006

The Most Under Rated Actor In Hollywood

The other night, Kiefer Sutherland won an Emmy for Best Actor In A Drama Series. Kudos to him! However, I think there was a major over-sight by the academy in the category of Best Supporting Actor In A Drama Series…Jack Bauer’s Satchel Of Doom.

Jack Bauer's Satchel Of Doom

Where would Jack be if it wasn’t for his Bag Of Death? It’s always with him, at the ready, able to spew forth many forms fo gadgetry and weapons.

The Satcel Of Doom In Action

No matter how bad Jack’s day has gone, no matter how many terroists he’s killed, no matter how many family members have gotten amnesia, Jack always has time for his Satchel of Doom.

Jack Adjusts the SOD

The best part? The SOD works both in day and night settings, so Jack can go straight from work to a night on the town!

SOD at night

And when the chips are down, when the entire country of China wants you dead, when your goverment has forsaken you, Jack always knows who his REAL friend is!

SOD Romantic shot

I had originally planned for this entry to be my bringing to everyone’s attention the glory of this accessory, but as I searched the web for pictures, I discovered many people had already done this. I had taken to calling it the Bag Of Death, but I found it is more commonly known by Satchel Of Doom. However you slice it, it’s a magical bag that always has JUST what Jack needs at any given time to save the United States once again.

I know this entry makes no sense to anyone who has never watched 24, but if you have, you are sure to have noticed the SOD. The first time I clearly remember it standing out to me was when Jack held up the convenience store in season 4. (He was trying to delay a terrorist…it made sense at the time!) It seems lots of people also noticed it though and it now has it’s own MySpace page, articles about what the SOD contains, and whole pieces dedicated to how Jack should design laptop bags. So, while this drifted, I am glad to know I am not the only one who shares in the love of the SOD.

Hopefully the Emmy’s will soon include a category for Best Inanimate Object In A Drama Series, because we all know who’s going to win!

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