Survivor Cook Islands just hit the snooze button for me. Not only did the “segregated” tribe trick come to an end way too soon, we’re already to doing full on repeats of previous challanges? Me thinks 13 Survivors may have finally been too much. So the tribes show up to see Probst, expecting a challange.… read more

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There is nothing like a game of musical computers, and on Wednesday at work, that’s exactly what we did. When Rose got in, she fired up her computer and…YIKES! A screen I had never, EVER seen in XP about all sorts of oprphaned files, corrupted files, files being deleted and it flew by at hyper-speed.… read more


September 28 2006

Amazing Race 10, Episode 2

Amazing Race being on Sunday’s is killing my recaps! By the time I’m ready to recap, it’s Monday and a whole new week of news is firing up. Going to have to work on that. Tyler & James were the first out of the Great Wall Pit Stop at 9:04 PM. Their clue instructed them… read more


I have been going back and forth about whether I should say anything about the Bill Clinton Vs. Chris Wallace debacle. Part of me says it comes dangerously close to revealing my political affiliation, which I try not to do for numerous reasons, but the journalist side of me want sto comment, so … yep,… read more

Just as I think I’m getting close to deciding on a new computer, there has to be some stupid leap in technology to make me think it over yet again. Intel announced today that they are ready to move forward with quad-core processors. They just came out with the duals! And they are saying by… read more

Every year I say “No new shows this season! I have to cut back!”….yeah…that never works. I haven’t tried everything out yet, but most of the shows seem so limited in scope to me. I mean to say “We have this great concept and we want to do a show…but after 6 episodes we have… read more

It’s amazing the pain I will put myself through for a blog entry. I decided if I was going to conitnue to complain about Rachael Ray, as I do from time to time, then I should at least watch one episode of her talk show out of fairness. How was it? The doctor says my… read more

Survivor Cook Islands has a major problem…too many storylines. The editing seems too jumpy and we aren’t getting enough time with any tribe to get to know them. All we seem to get so far is heavily weighted editing to the tribe that will be sending someone home. Manihiki received flint at their Tribal Council… read more

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The other day I talked about the new restructuring of third party selling on The most important bit is this: So, why does this effectively shut me down? As most of you know, I sell imported products from Japan, they do have UPC codes, which are required to create Amazon Detail Pages, so I… read more

Ok, I admit Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl took everyone by surprise by being a great movie, the follow-up rocked also. In between those was The Haunted Mansion, based on my all time favorite Disney ride, and it was a…well “disaster” pops to mind. Now comes this news that… read more


September 21 2006

Amazing Race 10, Episode 1

Amazing Race is back, but man will it be difficult to replace BJ & Tyler in my heart from the last Amazing Race! I am sure a new team will win me over, but I shall always love BJ & Tyler…TTOW! Departing from Seattle,WA, the 12 teams received their first clues instructing them to take… read more


The instructions are simple: change the color and/or bold the shows you’ve watched at least three complete episodes of, and italicize a show if you’re certain you’ve seen every episode of it. You can add up to three shows to the list, but keep them in alphabetical order. (Stolen from someone on LJ) (Added Animaniacs,… read more

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