September 6 2006

More Reflections On Steve Irwin

I was watching Glenn Beck on CNN tonight and he couldn’t understand the outpouring of concern over Steve Irwin. Not because he’s cold-hearted, but because he felt we should have all seen it coming. Well, yeah, I did see it coming,but it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt.

I honestly didn’t realize how much I really did like him until his death. I always enjoyed watching his show, I would actively make time to watch it, but I never realized to the extent I liked him. I’m not even sure if it was so much him as it was his passion. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate about the Earth and it’s environment. I have a deep respect for anyone who lives by their own word, and I think it easily could be said he did. I never felt while watching him he was putting on his enthusiasm. (Unlike Jeff Corwin, also from Animal Planet, that you can tell really doesn’t like all the animals he deals with) He loved all animals equally, and he respected them for their natural habits. He made sure to always tell you to not try to copy him and that you must always remember that the animals he dealt with were not domesticated.

And let us not forget the biggest victims in all of this, his wife Terri and his two children, Bindi and Bob.

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