September 6 2006

You guessed it…more pain!

Why do I torture myself with more images from the Transformers movie? I must secretly hate myself. This time around it’s Optimus Prime.

Cartoon Optimus
The Optimus Prime from the cartoon

Prime 1
Front of Optimus from the movie

Prime 2
Back of Optimus from the movie

Prime 3

That scream you just heard was my inner child being smacked in the face again. Poor guy.

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  • Roy

    Stop torturing yourself!!!

    Actually, that doesn’t look half bad.

  • It’s like a car wreck Roy, I can’t not look!

  • Did you see this?

  • Luis,

    Is this your round about way of calling me a nerd?:-p Now, when I did write about Megatron, I did say I could have lived with him as a tank….