September 7 2006


You have to love Ticketmaster, really, you do. I don’t get to many concerts due to living in the middle of nowhere, so when one comes along that’s worth the 90 mile drive to The Blue Note in Columbia, I get excited. This time it’s Combichrist (whom I have never heard of) and K.M.F.D.M., a band I have followed for years.

So, after finding a friend to go with me, we went over to the Ticketmaster website and ordered up our $20 tickets. After taxes, we also paid the $1.75 for email delivery of the tickets, figuring it’s safer than the US mail, bringing our final total to $53.85 for 2 tickets. I expect those sort of tack ons, I don’t like them, but what can you do?

The part that led to this blog post was what was on the emailed tickets when I got them…advertisements. I’m used to little ads on the back of a ticket that’s mailed to me, but on a ticket I’m printing out with my printer and using my toner?!? Never mind that fact you charged me a $1.75 to email it to me, a service that costs you virtually nothing. I don’t blame Chili’s or, as they aren’t the geniuses to come up with this, but I sure as heck am not pleased with Ticketmaster over this.

Let’s look at this:
Tickestmaster get’s paid for the advertising space
Ticketmaster charges a $1.75 to email you the tickets
Ticketmaster saves the costs of postage, printing, and an envolope

The consumer is charged a $1.75
The consumer uses their own paper
The consumer uses their own toner
The consumer prints not only the tickets, but ads

Gee…who wins in this scenario?

Then I found this lovely little note in the Terms Of Service on the ticket:

“Holder agrees by use of this ticket, not to transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture, or reproduction of the game, performance, exhibition or event for which this ticket is issued.”

Um…no “description” or “account”? So basically, by my reading of this, I can’t even talk to anyone after the show and tell them how it was!

Friend 1 “Hey Joe! How was the concert?”
Freind 2 “Oh man, it was so great! There were fire pots going off and…”
Ticketmaster Police “Mr. Joe, you’re going to have to come with us!”
Friend 1 “What did he do?”
Ticketmaster Police *dragging screaming Joe away* “He gave you an account and description of the event he held a ticket for, he must now go to Ticketmaster jail!”

Yeah…so I’m thinking I’m not such a Ticketmaster fan at the moment.

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