September 10 2006

So Not Fashion Forward

There is no denying I’m a large guy. I’m 6’4″, 300+ lbs (though I have recently lost quite a bit), but yes, I do like my clothes to fit properly and not be ugly. With my recent weight loss, it’s time to buy some new clothes and I was taking a look at Casual Male and…it seems there is a rule “If you need these clothes, you don’t care what they look like!”

Example #1
Ugly Shirt #1
It would seem that not only am I overweight, I have no taste and I live in a retirement home in Miami.

Example #2
Ugly Shirt #2
Oh yes! Not only is it ugly, but it has a knitted banded bottom because it would seem heavy people are incapable of tucking in their shirts! Double whammy!

Example #3
Ugly Shirt #3
Wow…really, that’s all I can say. Ugly as sin AND the banded bottom. Niiiiice!

Example #4
Ugly Shirt #4
Oh good, it’s not just short sleeved shirts. You can have ugliness year round!

But, it is not limited to just shirts! Pants can also make you look like a potato sack!

Example #1
Ugly Pants #1
Oh sweet! I have been looking for a shapeless pair of pants! YAY!

It’s not like I’m a slave to fashion,but I do believe in looking presentable no matter what condition my body is in. No matter how much you weigh, you can always at least buy clothes that fit, it would just be nice to see them be tasteful at the same time.

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