September 11 2006

When did the law get passed?

I’m all for remembering 9/11, it was the defining moment of the current generation. That being said, I prefer quiet reflection, not having it slammed in to my face everywhere I turned today. I am 100% aware of what today means, what the significance is, and I know it effects me on a lot of levels. What annoys me is you know all these salutes today weren’t that heart-felt. The news channels seemed to approach it in such a cookie-cutter, production line manner. *insert weepy look here, pause for breath*

I think I have gotten quieter about my feelings about 9/11 out of how it seems it has turned in to a contest over who cares the most. Politicians all promise us that they are the best for security, they tell us that they learned the most from 9/11. The networks all had the best coverage, because they care the most. Everyone had to show just how much they care. I planned on not saying anything this year, but when I went by to check out something and I’m greeted by a banner that says “WE REMEMBER Read our news coverage from September 11th, 2001”, that’s when I lost my cool. A website about soap operas, and they have to discuss THEIR coverage?

I feel like I’m going to come across as some cold-hearted bastard about all this, but that’s not it at all. I hope I am coming across as someone who is disgusted at one of the most defining moments in our history has been turned in to a show of other people’s “hearts” that disgusts me. I know where I was that morning, I can still see it all vividly in my head. I remember all the phone calls I placed to find friends. I remember learning one friend had taken an earlier flight and was in the air at the time and scrambling to find out where she was and if she was ok. (she was) My best memory though was being there for my customers that day. We still had the retail store back then and all day that day, we served more as counselors to our customers then as a retailer. I had a large base of kids away from home going to college, and we were already like their extended family, and it was even more so that day.

As the years have passed though, I prefer to just keep to myself on this day. It had a far greater reach than most people realize in to every aspect of our lives, and to see nothing but wall-to-wall coverage, that seems forced, just strikes me as wrong for some reason, and worse than no coverage at all.

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