September 12 2006

iPod Goodness Abounds!

For those of you who don’t sit around tethered to your computer during Apple press events, reading the live coverage, I figured I would update you on all the latest iPod goodies!

Standard iPod news – The earbuds got a retooling, little smoother looking. Software now includes a search feature…THANK YOU GOD! This has been one of my biggest complaints about the iPod.

5th Generation iPods – Size bumps! We all kind of knew this was coming though. 30gb version will be $249 and the new 80gb version, their biggest yet, will run you $349. The 80gb is a steal at that price. New longer battery life on video playback and the screen is 60% brighter. *puts on a bib to contain his drool* 5th gens also can now play games, downloadable for $4.99 a pop.

iPod Nano – Size bumps and aluminum cases, multiple colors. Basically the iPod Mini is back. Here’s the killer part, the pricing. 2gb (aluminum only) $149, 4gb colors $199, 8gb (black only) $249….um..$249 for 8gb? You can buy a 30gb 5th gen for $249. Who in the world is going to opt for the 8gb Nano?

2nd Gen Nanos

iPod Shuffle – BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHA omgf (inside joke) people are going to lose so many of these! 1gb, $79.

2nd Gen iPod Shuffle

iTunes – Lots of news. iTunes ver 7 is out today. Apple will give you free downloads of cover art missing from your music library. iPod updater is now on the main screen, no more going in to preferences every time (YAY!). Also, you can now update iPods on multiple computers so long as they are authorized to the same account. *does a happy dance of joy* Also, missing album covers for some of your music? Starting today, iTunes will start giving you the album covers for free.

iTunes Store – They’re going to need a new name because, as expected, they’ve added movies. 75 movies online today, more added each week. Near DVD resolution, out the same day as DVD, Dolby sound, $12.99 for pre-orders and the first week, $14.99 after that. There will be some $9.99 ones mixed in. Sorry, I just can’t get excited over this. You can buy the physical copies for the same price usually, keep them forever, sell them off, and loan them to friends….or I can not be able to re-sell, not be able to loan them to friends, and have to pray my hard drive doesn’t crash. I’ll stick to DVDs for now.

iTV – The name is not final, but oh this could be cool! The biggest complaint I’ve had about downloading movies is the limiting of where you could watch them. This new device will sit on your TV and plug in through a ton of different methods, your computer can then talk to the device via WiFi and you can show the videos on your computer on the TV. This is due out in the 1st quarter of 2007, but my big question right now is…will it play other video file types such as AVIs? If it will, the video world has just gotten a new best friend.

(Pictures of iTV originally from Engadget, pasted together version by Luis over at BlogD)

Majority of this news from Engadget, pictures (except iTV) from the Apple site.

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