September 14 2006

So Many Little Things…

Yesterday I wrote about tipping? I had a horrible dining experience today that broke all my rules and then some more. Way to go wait staff!

Debra LaFave talked with Matt Lauer last night on Dateline. That is one very confused woman. My favorite line of the entire interview was:

LaFave: I think he’s gonna have a hard time trusting women one day. I’m sure he has to be living with the guilt of quote, unquote ratting me out.

Interesting choice of words, “ratting out”. Says to me she has some issues about it herself.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, star of his own reality show, was arrested today by US Marshalls for an apperhension of a fugitive in Mexico in 2003. On June 23, 2003, Dog, his son Leland, and business partner Tim captured serial rapist Andrew Luster who was hiding out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Mexican authorities asked the bounty hunters to hand Luster over to their custody, when they refused they were charged with breaking extradition laws. When they failed to show up at a court hearing over the charges, they were declared fugitives. Well, for whatever reason, Mexico has finally issued warrants for their arrests. All three were picked up today and are being held in jail while they await their own extradition hearings. While in court today, Dog was shackled at his feet and treated like any other criminal.

I am a very big believer in obeying the law, but this was about bring a serial rapist to justice. This is just wrong.

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