September 16 2006

They can dish it, but can’t take it

Those lovable little scamps known as Prussian Blue are back in the news. For those who don’t remember, I’ve written about them twice before. Anyway, according to this news story, the girls new neighbors in Kalispell, MT aren’t too happy with their beliefs. Remember, when I wrote about them the second time I mentioned they had left Bakersfield,CA because they felt it wasn’t “white enough”…oops!

It seems that the neighbors weren’t aware of who they were at first, but after a few weeks they figured it out and decided to distribute a flier about how they won’t stand for their brand of hate. In an especially amusing portion of the story

However, the Kalispell Police Department has heard from the family. The police say they received a complaint that the family was being “harassed” by the neighbors posting the fliers.

In an irony not lost on many in the community, the officers had to explain that the neighbors’ free speech rights made the fliers perfectly legal.

Yeah, pesky how that works out isn’t it? Never mind the fact that supporters of Lynx & Lamb are sending nasty notes to the people who passed out the fliers. Oh, so I see, it’s not ok for the neighbors to “harass” them, but it’s ok for people who don’t live in the same area as these people to harass them? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. “Pot? This is the kettle, I would say we’re black, but that might offend the White Power freaks.”

So, now the Gaedes are in damage control and have gone back to Bakersfield for some reason to be on a radio show. Course, they seem to be taking a different tone now about just wanting to keep all races pure and in my favorite quote:

“We respect what you believe, but you should be the same with our views. You shouldn’t call us haters and Nazis,” Lamb Gaede said.

Well, gee, it couldn’t have anything to do with wearing a Hitler smilie face shirt (Lamb: “We did but that was a joke. It was one time. It wasn’t serious.”), singing songs to the glory of Rudolf Hess, or having the Nazi Swastika as your family’s cow brand. I mean, that would just be a silly and radical connection now wouldn’t it? (Side note to all the Prussian Blue fans out there:I know there is a message thread in your little clubhouse of a forum where you are supposed to report un-paid use of the girls photos to their momma, if you’ll notice, I only link to them from the family’s blog, I don’t serve them, so don’t bother reporting me)

I honestly don’t know why I return to these stories, probably the less coverage they get, the better. Each time I write about them, I go over and browse their forums for a little bit in the hopes something there will make think twice about doing it, but it always fires me up even more so. Being proud of your heritage is one thing, but throwing around the terms and comments they do on those forums is just breeding hate. I don’t choose to even write summaries of what I see there because it would just anger too many people, and make me come up in search engines I don’t care to. If you ever want to see it, you can find it easily enough on your own.

Like I said last time, I feel no hate towards Lynx & Lamb, they had no say in the way they were brought up. What I do despise is the people who are using them, and that’s exactly what it is, using them.

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