September 21 2006

*shoots Disney in the head*

Ok, I admit Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl took everyone by surprise by being a great movie, the follow-up rocked also. In between those was The Haunted Mansion, based on my all time favorite Disney ride, and it was a…well “disaster” pops to mind. Now comes this news that they are now fast-tracking production on “Jungle Cruise”.

Ok Disney has made a butt-load of money (Domestic: $418,673,000 Foreign: $613,258,000 as of today according to for a total of $1,031,931,000) from Dead Man’s Chest even though it had a production budget of $225 million. At World’s End, the third film, will probably do just as much, so Disney is gung-ho on the idea of ride-themed films, but Jungle Cruise? Not only do they picture this one movie, they see it as a “franchise”, so they are planning on several movies based on this. I think this is a highly limited storyline, but who knows, did anyone ever really see Pirates spawning 3 movies?

After Haunted Mansion came out I made a joke on a message board about the next one would be “Jitney:The Movie” (for those who don’t know, Jitney is the car that takes you from the gate to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle down Main Street at the parks….I like Disney World, so sue me), but I never thought they would try to tap more rides for real. What’s next, The Enchanted Tiki Room? The Hall Of Presidents? Grand Prix Raceway? Oh the possibilites are endless I tell ya!

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