September 23 2006

Survivor Cook Islands Episode 2

Survivor Cook Islands has a major problem…too many storylines. The editing seems too jumpy and we aren’t getting enough time with any tribe to get to know them. All we seem to get so far is heavily weighted editing to the tribe that will be sending someone home.

Manihiki received flint at their Tribal Council and, Nathan tries making fire with it, but is unsuccessful, it’s Rebecca who finally gets it done. I know I;ve said this before, but if you know you’re going on Survivor, wouldn’t you practice various ways of starting fire? 13 seasons and they still run in to this.

Things are not running smoothly at the Aitu tribe as Ozzy wants to catch some of the wild chickens, but Cristina has different ideas on how to do it. Ozzy’s attitude seemed to be very much a “You have no clue what you’re talking about because you’re old and a cop.” May have just been me, but I’m just not liking Ozzy’s attitude. Ozzy also seems to have a wild idea that his tribe should throw Immunity so they can get rid of Billy because he finds him lazy and doesn’t trust him. Why he doesn’t trust him is never 100% clear to me.

Puka Puka did bring up the concept of racism finally as they were trying to go to sleep because Cao Boi was making Asian jokes. It was a very odd moment as it was self-depricating humor, but it seemed to make everyone else uptight. Yul finally shut it down by saying It’s good to have a sense of humor but if it’s at the expense of a particular ethnic group, I don’t think that’s cool.”, but Cao Boi still didn’t seem to get the whole idea.

Jonathan returned from Exile Island to discover his Rarotonga tribe had been lazy in his abscence and nothing had been done to finish off their shelter. He tries to get them fired up about finishing it, but Adam fights him every step of the way like a whiny child. He couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just sleep on the ground…yeah, Adam? Read a camping book before you go on Survivor ok?

Due to inter-cutting between four tribes takes so much time, we again have a combined Reward/Immunity Challange:

Each tribe must remember a historical story of Captain James Cook. Tied together as a group, the tribe must make their way over and under logs and through a field of poles, gathering seven answer flags. Once they cross a two-line rope bridge over a pit of water, they must use the seven answer flags collected to solve five questions about the story. The first tribe to answer the five questions correctly wins Immunity and two large tarps as a Reward. The first three tribes to finish win Immunity and are safe from Tribal Council. The losing tribe decides who will go to Exile Island.

Since Manihiki was down one person, the other three tribes had to sit someone out, and since this one had to do with some agility, it’s interesting Aitutaki sat out J.P.…hmmm, me thinks the fix is in. Yep, it was. After some initial confusion, Puka Puka and Rarotonga tied for first and were both awarded tarps, Manihiki came in third and in a WAY obvious display of fixing, Aitutaki came in last. They sent Yul from Puka Puka to Exile Island where, you guessed it, he found the hidden Immunity Idol, a compass buried in the sand. As the tribes were being given their Idols, one of the oddest displays in Survivor history happened between Billy and Candice from Rarotonga:

Billy to Candice “I’m next.”
Candice “Well, we love you.”
Billy “I love you.”

Um…more on this in a minute.

It looked briefly like Ozzy might go instead of Billy as Billy and Cristina discussed dumping Ozzy instead. Cecilia said she would vote with them, but I’m not sure if she changed her mind for some other reason or because of Billy’s extremely awkward confession that he and Candice were in love and their exchange at Immunity proved it was mutual. First time I’ve ever seen Jeff Probst do a double take. In a vote of 3 – 2, Billy went…I think after that little display it was the best decesion.

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