September 24 2006

“I’m getting stomach hungry…”

It’s amazing the pain I will put myself through for a blog entry. I decided if I was going to conitnue to complain about Rachael Ray, as I do from time to time, then I should at least watch one episode of her talk show out of fairness.

How was it? The doctor says my eyes and ears will stop bleeding eventually. I tried to be fair to it, I honestly did, but it is just a huge jumbled mess! There is no seeming theme to the episode except for Rachael to “um” and “ah” a LOT. The episode I watched in question was the Friday, Septerber 22nd installment. The episode consisted of:

Come out

Introduce her in-laws, say “I love you” to her husband, say hello to some other friend

Tell some funny animal stories, followed by audience telling funny animal stories

Rachael has a “cook-off” with a Zoo keeper in feeding Polar Bears, she wins

Visit by warm weather Penguins, pass out snacks to the audience

Segment on how to maintain your freezer

Visit to the set of Las Vegas (where she made an ass out of herself to the stars)

Little dog plays poker with Rachael…yes, you read that correctly

Questions from kids, which “She could do all day!” This led to the quote “I’m getting stomach hungry…”

She makes the meal she made for the Polar Bears for people

I think I may have missed one or two things, but that’s because it’s a giant jumbled mess! If you want to do an animal themed episode, which I’m guessing it was supposed to be, instead of the freezer segment, do something on cleaning up after your pets, or innovative ways of feeding them. Toss the Las Vegas segment and instead visit a TV show that at least FEATURES an animal!

And of course this isn’t to say anything of her personal habits that drive me nuts. Her cackling laugh which makes my skin crawl? First thing you hear in the opening credits. Rachael seems to think she’s fat and takes every oppurtunity to state such. While she’s cooking, the insane usage of “EVOO” and “Yum-o!” persists from her other shows. And she’s rude! No “thank you”s, no “please”s, and she was even snippy with an audience member for standing up for too long after she gave her animal story. “You can sit down now. What do you want, an award?” Yikes woman!

Add in the news she is now releasing themed-cds (How Cool Is That Christmas CD), and it just seems like people can’t get enough of this woman, but I would love to know who these people are! Well…we know one of them is Oprah since she is producing the Evil One’s new talk show, but beyond that, I just don’t get it.

And yes, I know my writing about her makes no sense, but it’s my blog and it lets me vent!

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