September 25 2006

Limiting yourself from the starting line

Every year I say “No new shows this season! I have to cut back!”….yeah…that never works. I haven’t tried everything out yet, but most of the shows seem so limited in scope to me. I mean to say “We have this great concept and we want to do a show…but after 6 episodes we have no idea where it’ll go as we’ll have played out the original idea.” or “Well, it works for that other show, let’s just repackage it.”

In example, I loved the premiere of Smith. Slick, well produced, great pacing…where does it go after the first story arc? How many big robberies can you do without it getting repetitive? They killed a “major” character in the first episode as an exclamation point to the story, you can only play that card so many times.

It’s not just Smith though. Heroes is about people taking the next step in evolution and receiving super powers…um…ok, so you just made X-Men for TV. Add in the fact that networks don’t tend to throw a lot of support behind these types of shows, I don’t expect it to last.

Shark? A self-absorbed lawyer who turns over a new leaf because he set a guilty man free…*snore*. Another show with canned formulas that’ll drone on forever with the exact same things happening over and over again. Jericho? Look, it’s Lost in Kansas! And could someone PLEASE explain to me why NBC feels the need to have *2* new shows about behind-the-scenes antics at a sketch comedy show? 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip have the same premise…on the same network…in the same season…what genius decided that was a good idea?

One note ideas, repetative ideas, formulaic ideas…good fall season networks. Way to go. Course, what do I know, I really didn’t know how a show about foul-mouthed third graders would last 10 years.

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