September 28 2006

Amazing Race 10, Episode 2

Amazing Race being on Sunday’s is killing my recaps! By the time I’m ready to recap, it’s Monday and a whole new week of news is firing up. Going to have to work on that.

Tyler & James were the first out of the Great Wall Pit Stop at 9:04 PM. Their clue instructed them to head to a bus stop and sign up for one of two buses leaving at 12:00 AM or 2:00 AM. The bus would take them to a train station where they would board a train and complete their 963 mile journey to the capital of Outer Mongolia, Ulan Bator. Once there, they needed to locate the Choijin Lama Temple where they needed to observe a traditional ceremony and receive their next clue.

The first bus ended up being Tyler & James, Duke & Lauren, Peter & Sarah, Rob & Kimberly and Dustin & Kandice. The 2:00 AM bus was David & Mary, Tom & Terry, Lyn & Karlyn and Erwin & Godwin. While the 2 AM bus people were understandably nervous, it was for nothing as the train station equalized them all. What a shocker…not.

At the train station in Ulan Bator, everyone raced for taxis and, as usual, some ended up with better drivers than others. Duke & Lauren and Peter & Sarah had drivers who “knew shortcuts”…yeah…that never goes well. With performances taking place every 10 minutes, they ended up in the second batch of teams. Once done viewing the dance, teams received a clue telling them to drive 43 miles in old Russian military jeeps to the village of Terelj. Once they located the riverbank, they were to mount horses and ride two and a half miles to a meadow where they would find their next clue.

I was shocked by how many caucasians the teams found that could help them with directions, but most of them ended up getting lost anyway. Imagine that. David & Mary got badly stucked in mud. Tyler & James got a flat and had no clue how to work the jack until a local helped them. (though several teams passed both these incidents) Once on the horses, everyone did surprisingly well except for when Kimberly got knocked off her horse. Their guide went after the horse and Rob sat on his repeatedly saying “I don’t know what to do!”…um…how about you get off your horse and see if you’re girlfriends ok? I know, wacky suggestion. Course, there was also the incident of Kandice falling off her horse and being dragged, but oh well! (she was fine)

Once every one got to the clue box they found this leg’s Detour:Take It Down or Fill It Up.

In Take It Down, Teams had to take down the canvas walls and roof of traditional nomadic shelters known as a gir, fold them properly and pack the materials onto a camel. In Fill It Up, Teams would have to take a cart pulled by an indigenous animal known as a hynik to a river, fill metal jugs with water, return to the nomad camp and fill a barrel with the water they collected. Once they filled the barrel to the designated line, a nomad would hand them their next clue.

I love when people flip-flop in a Detour. Peter & Sarah started on Tear It Down, changed to Fill It Up and went back to Tear It Down, which they finally completed. They weren’t the only team to flip, but the only one to flip a second time. As the teams finished, their clue told them to drive 47 miles to the Hotel Mongolia, but they had to ride back to their cars on their same horses and with all their safety equipment. Well, after Kandice had been dragged by her horse, she had no clue where her helmet was! So even though they finised the Detour in first, they didn’t leave until much later due to not being able to find her helmet. Other teams had car problems and learned they had to crank the batteries to jump them. Note to self…don’t buy used Russian military jeeps.

At the Hotel Mongolia the teams found the Roadblock for this leg.

In this Roadblock, one Team member had to use a traditional Mongolian bow to shoot a flaming arrow to ignite a target 160 feet away. After hitting the target, the Team could run to the Pit Stop at a pavilion on a hill.

Peter & Sarah ended up coming in first after Peter hit the target on his second try. They won a trip to Mexico for coming in first, but Sarah then dropped a bombshell of “There are things that I’m learning about Peter and I’m not always impressed with that. I make no judgments right now, but I’m making note of it.” Oh snap! Nothing like feeling judged as you race! In last place were Kellie & Jamie who had gotten lost and had various car problems all day. Though they tried the Roadblock, they finally gave up knowing they were in last. Yep, it was an elimination. Adios cheerleaders.

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